About us

The Aviation Safety Alliance for Africa (ASAA) is a nonprofit, non-political independent industry body. It is an initiative of African aviation experts who are passionate about safety in Africa. ASAA is a platform to advance the cause of safety in Africa at the operational level, complementing the work of ICAO, AFCAC and the efforts of other organisations. 

ASAA functions as an independent, impartial and international catalyst for changing attitudes to produce safety, aiming to strengthen the work of other bodies and not to compete with them.

In particular, the purpose of the ASAA is to share safety resources with African companies, organisations and professionals in the aviation community and be a leading voice of safety. 

ASAA is committed to assisting in bridging regional, political, ethnic, and cultural differences to promote safety. It undertakes both general and specific assistance on present and future activities, action on identified regional and international aviation safety issues, and advice on special study requirements and seminar programs. In accordance with its mandate, ASAA conducts safety training programs and projects that support the work of the Regional Aviation Safety Group- Africa & Indian Ocean (RASG-AFI). 

The team is inspired by the contributions of Flight Safety Foundation (FSF), since some of its founding members are members of FSF Board and its International Advisory Committee. The alliance works predominantly through online events for aviation professionals as well as future aviation professionals. 

Founding members include Dr Harold Demuren, Chamsou Andjorin, Gaoussou Konate, Air Commodore Musabau Soladoye (rtd), Tom Kok, reinforced by Silas Udahemuka, Sakhile Reiling, Rishi Thakurdin, Sonia Kamikazi and Iyabo Sosina.